New Polly! stamps for Project Life

This week I have absolutely loved putting together week 48 of my PL. I have used the November Polly! kit and the colours of the paper and embellishments are just divine, just so ‘me’ you could say ;) . I am a big fan of the Polly! kits and this month they have added some gorgeous stamps to their store. So for this layout I have also used a really sweet stamp called ‘birds of a feather’.

This is what you get in the stamp pack, it’s so versatile you could use it for so many different projects and themes.

stamp set

I have included an insert for this weeks layout, which just gives me a little more room to document all the things we got up to. Here is the left hand side of my week 48 layout.48 LHS journal card close up You can see from the close up that I have used the gorgeous birds of a feather stamps to create my own journal card. It’s simple but I love it. Here are some close ups of where the stamps have been perfect for what I wanted to include in my PL insert.

IMG_1694 IMG_1693

This is my right hand side and the back of my insert, which is mostly take up with our gorgeous morning out at Noosa :) I really loved the soft water colour wash to the card stock with this kit and those Heidi Swapp glitter words are beautiful. You can see how I have again used the stamps to show my little man’s love for the water.

48RHS IMG_1700

So that is me, up to date with my project life. Pretty impressed with myself I must admit. From the beginning of the year I never imagined I would stay on top of it. I guess that’s what happens when you love it so much. And if you’re wanting a way to keep some variety in your project life layouts can I suggest subscribing to a monthly kit like Polly!scrap kits. You get gorgeous papers and embellishments each month, always different and so so pretty. :)

This blog post is part of the Polly Scrap Kits blog hop, next on the hop is Caroline. Check out her blog here . And if you comment on any of the posts in the blog hop for the next week you could win a free stamp set from Polly!


First Ever Painting

Being the lover of Project Life that I am, I had to do a page on Miss C’s first ever painting. We used the edible finger paint (you can find recipe here) and she had an absolute blast, so this was going in her PL album without question. It was a basic page as I never do anything OTT within my PL style. I did however break out the water colour paints and have a little play myself ;) .

PL painting


This was so quick to put together (which is why I love Project Life so much) and I used a variety of stamps from Kellie Stamps, which I am SO loving right now :) But other than that I just used the plain white 6×4 PL cards and a journal card from the 5th and frolic Project Life kit.

I hope that my little miss will look back on this layout and smile, and giggle about the mess she made. :)

Easy Edible Finger Paints

This week I tried making a new finger paint, one that is completely safe for children to eat (because you know that’s exactly what they do).

Basically it consists of 2 ingredients; kool-aid and yoghurt. How easy is that. Now it’s not easy to source Kool-aid here in Australia but I did manage to find a store on ebay (located in sydney I think) that sell it, so I bought quite a few packets as I have seen a lot of recipes and crafts using kool aid that I want to try.

kool aid 1   Kool aid 2

All you do is add the yoghurt to a bowl and mix in the kool aid. It gives a gorgeous colour and smells delicious. I used Greek yoghurt because I didn’t want to encourage the kids to eat it, so hoped that the tang of Greek yoghurt would put them off :) It worked.

I set the kids up outside and it get VERY messy!

IMG_0936  IMG_0943

The paint is quite thick so takes a while to dry. If too much is caked onto the paper it goes quite crackly when drying. So I wouldn’t suggest using this paint for a masterpiece you want to hang up, but for a fun afternoon activity that is safe for if they accidentally (or on purpose) consume it, then go ahead and use away :)

Here is the finished artwork from my little miss scrumptious..


If you want to find the store I purchased my Kool aid from, click HERE (this post is not affiliated with the store, they just provided quick service and I recommend them).


Delicious Sherry-braised pork shoulder *A MUST TRY*

Now it’s not often that I insist on someone trying a recipe, but for this particular one…I insist. You wont be disappointed, it’s absolutely delicious (which is handy as it comes from the Delicious Magazine, September or August edition I think). It’s so flavoursome and the meat is succulent and tender and I could rave on and on but let’s get onto the recipe so you can enjoy it for yourself!! :)


Sherry Braised Pork



Sherry braised pork shoulder

I served mine with mashed potato and steamed beans. It also went down nicely with a glass (or 2) of champagne ;) I would suggest checking on it after an hour of cooking, as I noticed mine was getting a little dry, so it just needed a really good splash of sherry to help it along.

I didn’t take a photo of the dish, so here is the one from the magazine, just to get your tastebuds going :) I hope you give this dish a go, you wont be disappointed, it’s seriously scrumptious.

Sherry Braised Pork


Super Easy Chocolate Cake

I often have moments where I really want to bake something but at the same time, really can’t be bothered. I think my problem is that I am not in the mood for being creative or adventurous with my baking, so these are the times I rely on my ‘basic baking’ recipes, you know the ones; chocolate chip cookies, ANZAC cookies, pikelets etc. Well this recipe is definitely on that list, it’s a super easy chocolate cake but tastes delicious and made from ingredients you are sure to have in your pantry, it makes for a great morning/afternoon tea treat :)

Bung In Chocolate Cake (Kate Bracks)

Choc Cake ING2

Chocolate cake method


Here are a couple of photos of the last time I made this cake, I had a special helper who enjoyed her important job of cleaning up (licking the spatula).

IMG_8963  IMG_8964  IMG_8966

I hope you find it a little bit scrumptious :) x

People Stickers

The other week I picked up a bucket of foam stickers from Riot Art and Craft. The contents included little foam people (nudie) and foam clothes to dress them in. How fun will this be for a little man who LOVES doing sticker pictures?!!

With a little bit of Mummy’s help to get the clothing in a ‘close enough to correct’ spot, my little man had a fun time dressing these little people.

Master M making the sticker people

Master M making the sticker people

I loved how this activity opened up a few discussion points about wearing clothes, here are some examples;

Why do people need to wear clothes? Why do we wear warmer clothes in winter? Why is it important to wear shoes? Why do we need to wear hats and sunglasses? What do we wear when we go swimming? You can see how easy this is.

Once the picture was finished we were left with an almighty mess on the floor. So I took this opportunity to throw in some sneaky learning ;) So I got my little man to sort all the clothes stickers into groups, ie tops, pants, hats, glasses etc. He did this fantastically. So not only was he having a little introduction into sorting/grouping but it was helping mummy to get the room tidy and put all the pieces into appropriate zip lock bags for next time :)

Sorting out the stickers

Sorting out the stickers

Click HERE  if you would like to be taken to the site where you can purchase the Tim and Tess dress up dolls.

Playing catch up on PL

We were lucky enough a few weeks ago to head up to Port Douglas for little family getaway for a week. Wow! We fell in love with this place! I think it will become a regular holiday destination for our little clan.


Not a lot was added to this layout, however I did have a play with my new stamps I ordered from Give a Girl a… click here to visit their store and have a look at the stamps designed by Kelly!! I have used some stamps from the ‘Today Stamp Set’. I also got out my Mister Huey’s and used them with the studio calico chevron mask. If you dont have any of these super fun mistables, then I’ll tell you a secret, Polka Dot Creative currently have them on sale!! Seriously, check them out here. The title card and journal card I used are from the Amber Core Kit.


To be honest, this fortnight is just ‘slapped’ together. I just wanted to get it done. I can’t say its one of my favourite layouts, but Im happy to show you the good and the bad haha.

And finally, this is my most up to date layout. Week 22!! I tried something new this week :) This was the first time I had a kit to use. I subscribed to the Project Life kit from Polly!Scrap and this month I was thrilled to be able to have a play and challenge myself to use JUST the kit. Ok I have to admit that I did use a filler card from Pebbles, and I used some Colour pop on a plain 6×4 card, but that was all I added to the layout that wasn’t from the kit.


Its such a great feeling to be nearly up to date with my PL. Only 2 more weeks, plus the kids albums, plus the mini album and the day book….haha ok I actually have a lot to do ;) Lucky I love it :)




Week 15 A cookie monster party

Just a little update of a few Project Life pages. This is week 15 which included my little man turning 3. Which we celebrated by having a cookie monster party.

15 Left hand sideI once again have kept my layout very simple. I have used papers and stickers from a variety of places, including Kaiser and Echo Park. This little munchkins birthday was obviously the highlight of this week and that is what I wanted my layout to focus on :)

week 15 RH sideIm a tad obsessed with using the little alphas on the photos, I like how it gives a little description of what is going on without needing a whole lot of journaling. Throw on a few stickers, chuck in a filler card and I am done. Quick and easy, my favourite way to do Project Life.




A Random Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon started out as nothing out of the ordinary, but I love how the inquisitiveness of a child’s mind can lead you down an explorative path.


We had afternoon tea out on the deck and Charlotte was trying to eat the rocks and bark (what’s new?) and splashing about in the water trough. This of course made Max want to have a turn at splashing the water everywhere too. I thought this would be a good opportunity to do something a little different with the water. I went and got the food colouring. Max chose to turn one side green and the other side blue. Watching the water change colour just escalated the fun. Both kids had such a blast splashing around.

Trough splashing

Then we decided to see what happens when we add ice cubes to the water. ice cubes in water

The kids loved trying to catch them in the water. Max loved seeing them change colour as he swapped them from the green side to the blue side. We talked about them melting as he was a little confused, looking under the trough after they had melted, not too sure where they went to :)

And then finally I brought out some ‘frozen dinosaurs’ that I had ready in the freezer for a different activity. Both kids enjoyed trying to ‘save’ the dinosaurs from the ice and helping it break free. Charlotte did her very best to free the dinosaurs by chomping on the ice surrounding it (my teething baby).

frozen dino Frozen dino charlotte

My favourite part of this afternoon activity was watching the kids play together, it’s so heart warming to see them like that. I love that a simple thing like splashing in the water turned into a whole afternoon filled with giggles, excitement, exploration and fun. And that, is just a little bit scrumptious :)

Cinnamon Scrolls

Almost 2 years ago we were on a family holiday in the states and I remember sitting in an airport early one morning drinking a coffee and eating a delicious cinnamon bun, I think it was called a cinnibun. Oh my goodness, it was soft and fluffy and ever so tasty, I was so sad that we didn’t have these back home in Australia.  So you can imagine my delight when a little while ago I discovered this recipe on Pinterest. I ‘pinned’ it and just like so many other pins, it just sits on one of my boards.

But then one of my BF turns up to playgroup with these divine little cinnamon scrolls and proceeds to inform me that they are the ones I pinned from The Organised Housewife blog. She insisted they were simple to make and after tasting just how amazing they were I knew it was worth the effort to give them a go.

Here are some pics to show you my progress.

Messy kitchen while making scrolls

Messy kitchen while making scrolls

Just before rolling the scroll

Just before rolling the scroll

Fresh out of the oven

Fresh out of the oven

This was a very simple recipe to follow but there were a few things I changed when I made my second batch, as the first lot cooked quite quickly and were not as soft as I had hoped. So I turned my oven down to about 160c  (but I do feel like I have to do this often with my oven) and instead of cooking them for 25-30 mins like suggested in recipe, I only cooked mine for about 18 minutes. I was constantly checking them and wanted to pull them out just before they started going golden, as I didn’t want the tops to be crusty, I wanted them soft. I am happy to state that my taste testers were all impressed and feedback was all positive (this might have something to do with the fact it was a table of hungry men haha). 

Please use the link below to find the recipe at its original source- The Organised Housewife. And thank you to Kat, the author of this blog for sharing such a scrumptious recipe with us all to try :)